Resources on Current Economic Crisis

Interested in reading more about the federal government’s response to the current economic crisis?  Fordham Law Library has collected links to a variety of documents related to the financial crisis:

  • Emergency Economic Stability Act (EESA) 2008 legislative history documents (including transcripts of testimony by Secretary Paulson and text of the various bill drafts);
  • TARP Documents (including a list of all participating banks and the dollar amounts received, relevant IRS Notices, testimony, and other public statements);
  • TARP Programs announcements and other documents (including docs related to the Financial Stability Oversight Board, Troubled Asset Auction Program, Capital Purchase Program, Programs for Systematically Significant Failing Institutions,  Guarantee Program for Troubled Assets, and Increased Deposit Insurance)
  • FDIC Programs (including statements, testimony, rules and guidelines related to the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program)
  • President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (PWG) (including a policy statement, Memorandum of Understanding, and progress report)
  • Federal Reserve Programs documents (including docs related to  Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF); Money Market Investor Funding Facility (MMIFF); and ABCP Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (AMLF))
  • The Mortgage Crisis (including documents related to the HOPE for Homeowners Act and  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
  • A.I.G. (including press releases and the Nov. 10th Term Sheet)
  • The Auto Industry (including letters, statements, legislation, regulation, and hearing transcripts)
  • The G-20 Summit (including a Summit fact sheet, Declaration, and statements by several heads of state)

Here is a link to the webpage:


You may also want to check out the LexisNexis® Financial Crisis Practice Center and the Westlaw® Financial Crisis tab.

For LexisNexis, click on the Transactional Advisor tab and select Financial Crisis Center. You’ll find:

  • financial and popular news about the financial crisis, the credit crisis, subprime mortgages, and credit regulation;
  • text of Emergency Economic  Stabilization Act, relevant regulations and bill tracking of related bills;
  • expert commentary, backgrounders, and analysis;
  • tools for investigating distressed companies; and
  • practice area specific resources on banking and financial services, bankruptcy, commercial law, insurance, labor and employment, real estate, securities, and tax.

For Westlaw, go to Add a Tab, Add Westlaw Tabs, and select Financial Crisis. You’ll find various types of information relevant to the financial crisis, including:

  • statutes, regulations and other administrative materials;
  • case law, trial filings, and appellate briefs;
  • public records and company information;
  • news, journals, and law reviews;
  • analytical materials, including current legal analysis; and
  • recent developments, including subprime resources.

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