Should Obama give up his BlackBerry?

Cornell law professor Michael Dorf summarizes the major issues related to President-Elect Obama’s BlackBerry use, including security concerns and Presidential Records Act compliance: All the President’s IMs: Are Federal Record-keeping Laws Out of Step With Modern Communications?

Professor Dorf goes on to ponder the nature of electronic communication itself and the documents it produces. He argues that U.S. communications law has not kept pace with the reality of today’s forms of communication and that application of archaic laws to today’s and tomorrow’s forms of communication creates distortions.

Peter Scheer, a lawyer, journalist, and executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition argues that Obama should keep using his BlackBerry for non-sensitive communications and make those communications public: Obama should keep his BlackBerry.

Meanwhile, the makers of the BlackBerry are likely enjoying the debate, basking in the free publicity: BlackBerry, Obama’s Devotion Is Priceless.

Read the Presidential Records Act at the National Archives website.

Weigh in on the debate yourself by posting your own comments below. Provide links to other articles on the topic that you find interesting or compelling.

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