Library Services for Alumni

Free Westlaw Access for Alumni at the TJSL Campus Library!

The library is happy to offer free alumni access to Westlaw. The program, called Westlaw Patron Access, allows alumni to access case law, statutes, and regulations from all fifty states and all federal jurisdictions, as well as major federal, multistate and California secondary sources. Some California secondary sources include the full range of Rutter Group and Witkin practice guides and treatises, and the Miller & Starr sets. This service also includes access to KeyCite, which allows researchers to determine whether a case or statute is still good law.

TJSL Library Offers Reference Services

Have you ever had trouble knowing how to tackle a new research assignment? Or maybe you need help remembering resources available in a particular area of law. Whatever your reference request is, keep in mind that you may call on the expertise of the reference librarians. We offer a wide range of reference services. Our only limit is that we cannot perform research for you (by law).

Give us a call or e-mail us at:

Patrick Meyer                                                              Jane Larrington
Associate Library Director                                            Reference Librarian                                                

619-297-9700 x1102                                                  619-297-9700 x1101

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