Popular Reading Spotlight

When you need a study break, check out the popular reading section in the northwest corner of the first floor of the library.  Take some some light reading home with you for spring break.  We have a variety of interesting titles in this collection.  Here are just a couple:

above-the-lawAbove the Law
Popular Reading PS 3557 .R37562 A43

When an illegal Mexican immigrant is shot on a ranch outside Dallas, it makes the news, not because of the immigrant, but because of the shooter, Senator Tucker Dean.  It looks like a hunting accident, and the well-loved young Senator spins the disaster artfully with his tearful press conference . . . until the sister in law of the victim steps forward with another tale.  The senator’s wife was regularly visiting the victim, so our heroine Casey Jordan theorizes he was shot by the husband for revenge.  When INS takes the victim’s daughter away and tries to deport his wife, it looks like a cover-up of epic proportions.  Casey approaches the D.A.’s office with information, only to discover that no prosecutor will take on this case.  The senator is powerful and on track for a presidential nomination in a few years, so no one wants to tangle with him.  Casey is determined to see the truth come out.  If the state won’t prosecute a murderer, she will sue him in civil court on behalf of the mother.  But this popular senator is wily, vindictive, and dangerous.  What will happen to Casey when she goes up against a man who seems above the law?

©2009Grand Central Publishing.

catching-wolf-of-wall-streetCatching the Wolf of Wall Street
Popular Reading HV 6766 .B45 A3

In the go-go nineties Jordan Belfort proved to Wall Street that you didn’t need to be on Wall Street to make a fortune in the stock market.  But his company, Stratton Oakmont, worked differently.  His young Long Island wannabes didn’t know from turnaround plans or fiduciary trust.  Instead, they knew how to separate wealthy investors from their cash, and spend it as fast as it came in–on hookers, yachts, and drugs.  But when Jordan’s empire crashed, the man who had become legend was cornered into a five-year stint cooperating with the feds.  This continuation of his Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Wolf of Wall Street, tells the true story of his spectacular flameout and imprisonment for stock fraud.

In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy–and original million-dollar-a-month stock chopper–leads us through a drama worthy of The Sopranos, from his early rise to power to the FBI raid on his estate to the endless indictments at his arrest, to his deal with a bloodthirsty prosecutor to rat out his oldest friends and colleagues–while they were doing the same.  With his kingdom in ruin, not to mention his marriage, the Wolf faced his greatest challenge yet:  how to navigate a gauntlet of judges and lawyers, hold on to his kids and his enraged model wife–and possibly salvage his self-respect.  It wasn’t going to be easy.  In fact, for a man with an unprecedented appetite for excess, it was going to be hell.

From a wired conversation at an Italian restaurant, where Jordan’s conscience finally kicks in, to a helicopter ride with an underage knockout that will become his ultimate undoing, here is the tale of a young genius on a roller coaster of harrowing highs–and more harrowing lows.  But as the countdown to his moment in court begins, after one last crazy bout with a madcap Russian beauty queen, the man at the center of one of the most outrageous scandals in financial history sees the light of what matters most:  his sobriety, and his future as a father and a man.  Will a prison term be his first step toward redemption?

©2009 Bantam Books.


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