Multimedia Spotlight

Check out the library’s legal-themed DVD collection.  DVDs can be checked out from the Reserve collection for 24 hours.  Just ask at the Circulation desk.  Here are a couple of the 50+ movies we have available:

12_angry_men12 Angry Men
VIDEO PN1997 .T74 2001

A Puerto Rican teenager is accused of murdering his father and the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of his guilt.  But one juror on this seemingly open-and-shut case (played by Henry Fonda) is not entirely convinced of the boy’s guilt.  Stressing the idea of reasonable doubt, he attempts to persuade the other jurors to re-evaluate the evidence. In the process, each juror’s character and reasons for voting against the defendant are exposed.  Sidney Lumet directs the courtroom drama in a claustrophobic, one-room setting that enhances the tense atmosphere as each man battles with his conditioning and his conscience to reach the right decision.

clientThe Client
VIDEO PN1997 .C55 1997

When a boy (Brad Renfro) hears an important confession from a dying lawyer who worked for the mob, his life is placed in serious jeopardy.  An attorney just out of law school (Susan Sarandon) takes many risks protect the boy and his family despite pressures from the FBI and the government.  Tommy Lee Jones plays a ruthless Federal prosecutor determined to mine the full details about the murder from Renfro.  Joel Schumacher directs this tight, faithful adaptation of John Grisham’s novel.


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