Recent Acquisitions Spotlight

global-warming-for-dummies1Global Warming for Dummies

QC 981.8 .G56 M39 2009

Understand global warming and what you can do to make a positive difference!  Fiercely debated in the political arena and constantly splashed across the media, global warming is a hot topic.  Global Warming For Dummies sorts out fact from fiction, explaining the science behind climate change and examining the possible long-term effects of a warmer planet.  This friendly guide helps readers explore solutions to this challenging problem, from what governments and industry can do to what readers can do at home and how to get involved.
Open the book and find:
1.  How human activity is altering Earth’s atmosphere
2.  What could happen when polar ice melts
3.  Which species could disappear if global warming continues
4.  Carbon-reduction success stories from around the world
5.  What the Kyoto Protocol is and what it means
6.  How the sun, wind, earth, and ocean can all provide clean sources of energy
7.  You can fight global warming by hopping on a bike or painting your roof white
©2009 John Wiley & Sons, Canada.

bodiescrimesOur Bodies, Our Crimes: The Policing of Women’s Reproduction in America

HQ 1236.5 .U6 F532 2009

Jeanne Flavin reviews the ways in which women’s reproductive rights and criminal justice intersect.  She argues that the way in which the criminal justice system disciplines women’s reproductive behavior maintains the notion that women’s value derives mainly from their sexuality and reproductive capacity, and that the consequences of official attempts to restrict reproductive freedom have a much more profound effect on women than of men.  The book is divided into three parts that deal with the begetting, bearing and mothering of children.  Chapters include: “The Right to Procreate”; “Terminating the Pregnancies”; “Neonaticide and Infant Abandonment”; “Fetal Protectionism and Pregnant Women”; “Incarcerated Women’s Right to Reproductive Health”; “Incarcerated Women’s Right to Their Children”; and “Battered Women and Child Custody.”


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