Multimedia Spotlight

Check out the library’s legal-themed DVD collection.  DVDs can be checked out from the Reserve collection for 24 hours.  Just ask at the Circulation desk.  Here are a couple of the 50+ movies we have available:

intolerable_crueltyIntolerable Cruelty
PN1995.9 .C55 I57 2004

When the beautiful Marylin Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones) obtains recorded evidence that her wealthy husband Rex is cheating on her, she files for divorce. But Rex hires top divorce lawyer Miles Massey (George Clooney), requesting him that Marylin gets nothing in the divorce. Massey manages to achieve this request by proving that Marilyn schemed to marry for money rather than for love from the very start, and she is left penniless. Surprisingly, Marylin returns some months later with a request of her own: she is engaged to marry a dimwitted Texan millionaire, and to prove that she is marrying for love rather than money this time she will sign the “Massey contract”, an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement that will once again leave her penniless if she divorces. Massey wonders whether the scheming Marylin changed her skin- or her plans.

the_firmThe Firm
PN1997 .F476 2000

Fresh out of law school, top Harvard graduate Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) receives an extraordinarily attractive offer from a small, prestigious firm in Memphis, and accepts it over offers from more well-known firms in New York. He and his wife Abby (Jeanne Tripplehorn) are overwhelmed at first by the money and gifts showered upon them, and Mitch befriends a flamboyant partner (Avery Tolar.) But he starts to suspect that something is wrong when two associates die in an accident. And then, a government agent approaches him with a request for information, and Mitch understands that his life will never be the same. Based on the John Grisham novel.

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