June is Effective Communications Month

Court Communication1Effective verbal communication is the linchpin of professional success. With June ushering in Effective Communications Month, now is the perfect time to strengthen your ability to get your point across, advises communications expert Ed Barks.

Communications opportunities come in many forms, noted Barks, President of Barks Communications and author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations.

“A formal speech, a job interview, a pitch to your neighborhood association, and a networking event all represent opportunities to advance your career and your cause,” said Barks. “My prescription for every business leader, nonprofit executive, politician, and PTA parent—anyone who needs success in the public arena—calls for a renewed commitment to sharpen their communications edge this month.

“I am often asked what makes an effective communicator,” he remarked. “It all boils down to three easy-to-remember, intuitive steps—the Three Keys to Great Presentations™.

“Those three vital keys are Preparation, Performance, and Assessing Feedback. They form the foundation for every effective communicator,” he explained.

“Preparation involves planning what you want to say ahead of time and devoting plenty of time to practicing your remarks.

“Performance centers not only on what you say, but how you say it,” the communications coach continued. “Pay attention to your nonverbal signals, both your body language and how you use your voice.

“The third key, Assessing Feedback, is the one most often ignored, even by experienced communicators. Find a way to gauge your performance, whether that means recording yourself with a video camera or simply soliciting some honest feedback from a trusted friend or co-worker.”

His final recommendation: “Don’t let June pass you by without taking advantage of Effective Communications Month. It’s a great time to improve your ability to broadcast your point of view. Your career depends on it.”

Barks’ book, The Truth About Public Speaking, is targeted toward business leaders and other professionals. It unlocks the secrets of Barks’ easy to remember Three Keys to Great Presentations™. The book is available from the publisher, Ogmios Publishing, at www.TruthAboutPublicSpeaking.com, and at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, booksamillion.com, walmart.com, and at bookstores everywhere.

Ed Barks is a trainer, author, and speaker who teaches today’s leaders how to deliver dynamic, message-packed presentations and how to work with the media. He has served as President of Barks Communications since its inception in 1997, guiding more than 2700 business leaders, government officials, non-profit leaders, physicians, athletes, association executives, entertainers, and public relations staff toward a sharper message and enhanced communications skills. © 2006, PR Leap, http://www.prleap.com/pr/36848/

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