Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo

8/17/09 Update — Try out this BlindSearch to learn your true search engine preferences. Enter your search terms and you’ll get back 3 columns of search results (from Bing, Google, and Yahoo) stripped of their branding.  Choose which results you like best, and you find out which search engine you chose.


8/6/09 Update — Bing vs. Google: Can’t choose default search engine? Want to compare Bing & Google results?
This is the right place to be. Just put your query in the search box and press Enter. You’ll see results from both engines side by side.
Search provider for Internet Explorer 7/8 and Firefox is also available – search both engines from your browser!


Original post:

Wondering whether to change your browser home page from Google or Yahoo to Microsoft’s new search engine Bing? Check out this succint comparison of various features of the 3 search engines. Tom Spring of PC World gives his well-informed opinion on the relative strengths of each. Which one is best for choosing a local restaurant? For online shopping? For driving directions? Find out here.

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