Bar Review Materials for Graduating 3Ls

A new Bar Study Resource Guide is now available for Graduating 3Ls

Find out:

  • What Bar Review Materials are available at the TJSL Library,
  • Where to find them – on reserve behind the 4th Floor Circulation Desk
  • How to ask the student library assistants at the 4th Floor Circulation Desk to retrieve these materials for you

Also in this guide are direct  links to:

  • The CA Bar Association Web Page with information on the Bar Exam
  • Blogs and News about the Bar Exam and about Bar Exam Study
  • Links to CALI Tutorials on Bar Exam Topics

Remember to email your reference librarian, Catherine Deane, if you need access to CALI Tutorials. If she is not available, circulation librarian Torin Andrews or interim library director, Patrick Meyer  may be able to assist you.

Congratulations on completing your law school education, and Good Luck on the Bar!


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