Tips for Summer Associates

There are numerous blog posts giving advice to Summer Associates. Recurring themes include:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Be grateful
  3. Be helpful
  4. Pay attention
  5. When you are confused, ask questions
  6. Always carry around something with which to take notes
  7. Be on time and don’t work unconventional hours
  8. Smile, be polite, be nice to everyone and avoid drama and gossip
  9. If social opportunities arise, take them and use them to get to know people at their pace
  10. Do not bring random people to social events; plus one means your spouse or long term partner, do not bring a pal or a wildcard who might potentially embarrass you
  11. Ask about the deadline and the budget
  12. Dress conservatively, keep the plunging necklines and exciting ties for the club
  13. Request feedback from your boss on how you are doing
  14. Demonstrate your interest in working at the firm
  15. Always turn in your best work

General Tips

Writing Tips

Tips for Judicial Clerkships

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