Roundup of viewpoints on the Debt Ceiling


Debt Deal: A Democrat’s Perspective (Audio) – August 1, 2011

Debt Deal: A Republican’s Perspective (Audio) – August 1, 2011

Debt Deal: The White House’s Perspective (Audio) – August 1, 2011

Carl ’60 Cent’ Kasell And The Debt Ceiling (Audio/Song) –

“NPR’s legendary newscaster Carl “60 Cent” Kasell explains everything…in a RAP!”

‘Satan Sandwich’: Cleaver Weighs In On Debt Deal (Audio) – August 2, 2011

Path Ahead For Debt Legislation Remains Uncertain by David Welna (Audio) – August 1, 2011

Debt Agreement Is An Answer But No Solution? by NPR Staff (Audio) – August 1, 2011

After Debt Deal, The Tea Party Has Staying Power by Liz Halloran – August 3, 2011

Prawfs Blawg

Can the Fed Use its Over-Draft Power to Get Around the Debt Ceiling? – Friday, July 29, 2011

Volokh Conspiracy

Natelson on the 14th Amendment and the debt ceiling  David Kopel  August 1, 2011 8:13 pm

Blog post referring to an audio Podcast

Whom Should the Treasury Department Pay First?  Russell Korobkin  July 29, 2011 12:46 pm


George Washington on the Debt Ceiling Crisis – Jason Mazzone (Monday, August 01, 2011)

Lessons From the States on the Debt Ceiling Crisis – Guest Blogger David Super  (Friday, July 29, 2011)

Becker-Posner Blog

The Depression, the Deficit Debacle, and the Debt-Ceiling Crisis—Posner 08/01/2011

Virtual Library Cat’s Eye View

News and Views from Ernster, the Deane Law Library Virtual Cat.

Debt Ceiling, Explained  –  Saturday, July 30, 2011

Los Angeles Times Debt Ceiling News

Wall Street Journal Debt Ceiling News

Mail Online Could this be the end of America’s economic supremacy? By Dominic  Sandbrook


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