Take the Library Tour!

Confused about the layout of the library? Not sure where to find international law and where the State Codes are hiding? Ask a librarian to take the tour.

As a new associate, you will be expected to know how to research print materials. As a solo lawyer, it will be to your benefit to take advantages of our free legal resources. A lot of new lawyers spend a lot of time in the library. Why not jump-start your way into print research knowledge while still in law school?

The library at TJSL is organized into a lot of special collections, such as the California Collection, the Federal Collection, the General Collection, and so on. Knowing where each collection is located could greatly assist you to find print materials in the library. Tours also include instructions how to use Thomcat, our library catalogue, which lists all print and electronic resources available at the library.

To arrange a tour, please contact Catherine Deane at cdeane@tjsl.edu or Hadas Livnat at hlivnat@tjsl.edu.

Important Collections!

4th floor, circulation desk area:
Study Aids
Self-Help Section
Thomas Jefferson Collection
Reference Collection

4th floor:
California Collection
Federal Collection
Foreign/International Materials Collection
State Codes/Regional Reporters
Popular Reading, magazines & Newspaper

5th floor:
Law reviews and journals
General Collection


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