Research Tips: Literature Review: Finding Books

Step 1: Key Terms

Use the ThomCat catalog, or WorldCat (  free access) to find a few good books. Look at the Subject headings in the record, (on Worldcat look in the Similar Items section) and add them to your search terms. Or use them to generate a specialized advanced search by including a subject term in your search.

 Step 2: Bibliography

Make a list of all of the books on ThomCat that you think are relevant (If you log in, you can make a list on ThomCat and export it. This way you do not have to type out the title etc. of each book individually). Then walk around the library and find the books. Often they will all be in the same place and then you can browse the shelves nearby for other relevant titles. Select a few books that are the most promising.

 Step 3: More Books

Find books not available in TJSL Library. If there are few or no books on your topic in our library, look for books on and on Google Books.

Step 4: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Ask librarian Hadas Livnat to request them for you from another library. Be sure to complete this stage of your research early so that the books have time to arrive in the mail from another institution. This can take over 2 weeks.

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