Photo Courtesy fiverlocker. Creative Commons License

As we draw closer to finals, it becomes more important to be considerate of your fellow students in the library.
Please remember to take your cell phone into the copy room and shut the door if you would like to have a phone conversation.

Although the LLM Taxation Program Staff will sometimes be talking loudly on phones in their work area outside of the LLM office on the 4th floor, this does not mean that students should use this area to speak on their phones. It means only that students studying in this area may occasionally hear staff talking loudly in order to accomplish their work duties.

Students in this area should not exacerbate this occasional interruption of the quiet atmosphere by speaking on their cell phones.

Please be aware that for the next few weeks in particular, your participation in creating as quiet an atmosphere as possible is essential.

Your fellow students will appreciate your considerate behavior.


Good Luck with finals!.

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