Monthly Archives: August 2014

TJSL Library Mini-Classes

Using ThomcatThis class will show how to use our online catalog to locate print and online material in our library. August 27, 2014, Wednesday 11:30-11:45 am
Legal AbbreviationsF2d? ALR? CFR?  All Greek to you?  Learn what the abbreviations mean in citing to references. August 29, 2014,  Friday Noon-12:30 pm
Secondary material-TreatisesThis class will explore what treatises are and how to locate them online and in our library. September 5, 2014, Friday Noon-12:30 pm
Legal EncyclopediasWhat they are and how to use them.  September 8, 2014, Monday Noon-12:15 pm
Secondary Material-American Law ReportsExplore what ALRs are and how to use them. September 10, 2014, Wednesday 11:30-noon
Primary material-Locating a Case in print and Using a DigestFinding case law can be accomplished many ways.  This class will explore the options. September 12, 2014, Friday Noon-12:30 pm
 Primary material-Locating a Statute in printThis class discusses finding codes to help with research.


September 15, 2014, Monday Noon-12:30 pm
Databases: Hein Online and Onlaw (CEB)Become acquainted with two databases and how they can help with your research. September 19, 2014, Friday Noon-12:30 pm

These classes will be taught at the 4th floor learning center in the library by June Mac Leod, Reference Librarian and Adjunct Professor. These classes will help you understand basic research concepts discussed in legal writing classes. If these mini-classes conflict with your class schedule, please contact June Mac Leod at Additional classes, on other subjects, may be offered on an as needed basis.