Database Updates in the near future

Reference librarian, Lisa Foster,  received a grant to attend this year’s American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Conference in San Antonio, Texas, which was held from July 12-15, 2014.

The following is Lisa’s summary of some enhancements to Lexis and HeinOnline that you will be seeing in the near future.

Lexis Advance Enhancements

Lexis Advance will be launching some improvements and a new interface on September 8, 2014. These are a few of the improvements that you will see as a result of the new interface:

  • Favorites is being made more accessible on the home page
  • There will be immediate access to a Table of Contents for resources and a “Get Document” choice that will allow access to the entire source/full text
  • When an individual document is chosen from a results list, there will be an immediate Shepard’s preview and synopsis
  • There will be a link to Results List at the top of the page rather than the bottom of the page to assist with navigation
  • Notification and Alert settings will be easier to use, involving a single widget
  • There will be enhanced delivery options for printing

Be looking out for these enhancements and more when the new version of Lexis Advance launches on September 8.

What’s New in HeinOnline

Some of the new libraries and content available now in HeinOnline, or being added in the near future will include a State Reports Collection, and Women and the Law (Peggy), a . . .

New content that was still in development at the time of the conference includes:

  • World Treaty Library, due in late 2014. It will include all major treaty sets in full text, searchable, summarized in search results.
  • National Survey of State Laws Collection (this is a book that is being turned into a database)

There are also 182 new journals in Law Library Journal that have been added in the last 12 months.  Many new titles have been added to the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library and the U.S. Congressional documents, including many congressional hearings. State Attorney General Reports and opinions are now available for 39 states, and there will be 7 more states included by the end of the year.

HeinOnline and the American Bar Association have a new partnership, by fall 2014 ABA publications will be available on HeinOnline.

FastCase Basic also has a new partnership with HeinOnline to include case law in the HeinOnline database. We are currently testing a trial version of FastCase at the TJSL Library. It includes both federal and state case coverage, with half of the states’ cases available back to the 1800’s, and the rest back to the 1950’s. In FastCase, cases can be retrieved using either hyperlinks embedded in other HeinOnline documents such as articles, or by citation.

Other new features in HeinOnline include enhancements to the Welcome page, including advanced searching that is available directly from the welcome page, and the ability to view and enter subcollections directly from the Welcome page. QR codes are also available now for transferring PDF documents from HeinOnline to a mobile device.

These are just a few examples of how the databases that we use at TJSL are constantly evolving and adding new content. Be sure to check out some of these new features in Lexis and HeinOnline. If you need any help come and see us at the Library, or consult these online help resources:


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