Networking Tips During the Holidays

This is an opportunity to connect with friends and family that you don’t often see. Let them know that you’re graduating and looking for a job.

  • Contact the Career Services Office.
  • Reach out to your mentors or find them on LinkedIn.
  • Set up informational interviews. Offer to take an attorney to coffee or lunch to learn more about their practice.
  • Most bar associations and some bar sections have holiday parties and are happy to have law students attend.Check with your local bar association for a list of social events.
    • Be yourself, but be mindful of the impression you’re conveying.
    • Festive dress is fine, but be professional.
    • Consider having simple business cards made to hand out to people you meet.  However, keep in mind that you are in a social setting – you don’t want to seem pushy.
    • Follow up with any contacts you make.

Additional Resources

source: University of Texas


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