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UPDATED: DVD Film collection website

Popular DVD pink sticker collection

Check out the updated list of DVD films available at the library!

Welcome Back Students and Welcome New Students!

LibraryLines5_1_HeaderWelcome Back Students and Welcome New Students!

Welcome to the TJSL community! We’re please to have you as entering/returning students. This issue is dedicated to providing you with the most useful information to ensure your success. So read on in order to find information that will help you make this the best year that you can.

Check Out The Library’s Study Aids Section

Check out our valuable Study Aids section just past the reference librarian office on the first floor. Here you’ll find the most popular and useful study aid materials on a host of subjects — including materials for all first year classes! Materials  include multiple choice and essay questions, subject outlines and topical narration. As a means keeping these materials available to our whole student body, the check out period for all materials in this section is limited to 48 hours.

Find Strategic Help In Your First Year

Succed_Your_First_Year The Library’s “Succeed! Your First Year” display has a number of helpful books with self explanatory titles such as Surviving Law School; 1L Of A Ride; Stress, Tests, and Success. The Ultimate Law School  Survival Guide; and our own Professor Vandvelde’s Thinking Like a Lawyer. There’s even a DVD: All About Law School. TJSL Professor Slomanson helps out with his own Website titled Intro. to Law: First Year Survival and our Professor Steinberg presents Surviving Law School on YouTube.

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Keep Updated With The Library Blog & RSS Feeds

BlogThe library blog, ThomChat, focuses on technology and legal developments. Recent posts include a description of library purchases in the areas of immigration law, law and social justice, law and technology and a comparison of legal research texts in the library.

CurrentAwarenessRSSFeedsIf you want to see recent news on many different legal topics, then the Current News/Recent Cases RSS page is for you. We’ve done all the work for you! Just click onto your topic from the left side table of contents and multiple RSS feeds will populate the right side of the screen.

Study Efficiently: Use Our Course Reserve Materials & Study Rooms

CircDeskWe purchase copies of your required and recommended course books and place them behind the circulation desk in the Course Reserves section. This section exists to benefit every class member, so checkout is limited to two hours. Just ask at the circulation desk for the book by title and by course name.

StudyRoomThe library also provides group study rooms on the second floor. These popular rooms are available for same day use. You may reserve a room for two hours either in person at the circulation desk, or by phone at 619-297-9700 x1100. Only same day reservations are available.

Interactive CALI Exercises Are Invaluable

CALICALI provides hundreds of interactive lessons on most legal subjects, including all first year course subjects. If you’ll recall, the   library orientation packet contained a CALI disk and an online access instruction sheet. Use the sheet to register at CALI. You may also access the lessons from the CALI DVD from your orientation packet, which requires no registration or password.

Relax With Our DVD & Popular Books Collections

DVD_CollectionLegal-themed movies can be a stress reliever, and are also a practical and entertaining way to learn the law. Faculty often assign legal-themed movies, with titles such as My Cousin Vinny, Kramer v. Kramer, and A Civil Action, as mandatory course viewing. Additionally, we have several educational DVDs. You can review the whole list of DVDs in the binder at the Circulation Desk, or you can conduct a search on ThomCat.

PopReadingThe library’s popular reading section offers another chance for you to unwind. This section, located in the soft seating area in the north west corner of the first floor, offers titles such as The Bourne Deception, The Prosecution Rests, Get Real, and Irish Tweed. Many students read a book in the soft seating over the course of several weeks, but you may also check out these books for a two week period.

Law & Social Justice — Recent Acquisitions

The Child Sex Trade
produced by Kurtis Productions, Ltd. for A&E Network; executive producer, Bill Kurtis;
HQ117 .C45 2008 VIDEO (Reserve)
Thomcat |

Children in the Legal System: Cases and Materials
Samuel M. Davis … [et al.]
KF479 .C46 2009 (Course Reserve)
Thomcat |

The Constitution, Race, and Renewed Relevance of Original Intent: Reclaiming the Lost Opportunity of Federalism
Donald Lively
KF4545.S5 L58 2008
Thomcat |

Constitutional Law: The Religion Clauses
Daniel O. Conkle
KF4783 .C62 2009
Thomcat |

Economic Analysis of Civil Law
Hans-Bernd Schafer, Claus Ott; translated from the German by Matthew Braham
K623 .S313 2004
Thomcat |

Efficiency Instead of Justice?: Searching for the Philosophical Foundations of the Economic Analysis of Law
Klaus Mathis; translated by Deborah Shannon
K487.E3 M3813 2009
Thomcat |

Eyes on the prize
creator and executive producer, Henry Hampton
E185.61 .E848 2006 VIDEO (Reserve)
Thomcat |

Fairer Sex
ABC primetime; ABC news
HQ1426 .F342 2008 VIDEO (Reserve)
Thomcat |

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly
Legal Periodical (2nd floor)

FORECITE California: Latest Developments in CALCRIM and CALJIC
Thomas Lundy
KFC1171 .F67 2006

Gifts: a Study in Comparative Law
Richard Hyland
K898 .H95 2009
Thomcat |

Global Climate Change and the Road to Extinction: The Legal and Planning Response
James A. Kushner
QC981.8.C5 K875 2009 (New Book Shelf)
Thomcat |

Gun Control: a Documentary and Reference Guide
Robert J. Spitzer
KF3941 .S678 2009 (Reference)
Thomcat |

How to Keep Control of Your Life after 60: a Guide for your Legal, Medical, and Financial Well-being
Teresa Schwab Myers
KF390.A4 M97 1989
Thomcat |

Human Rights: Initial Publication of the American Section of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Consisting of the Papers Prepared for its Second Plenary Meeting
edited by Ervin H. Pollack
K3240 .H8574 1971

In the Name of Justice: Leading Experts Reexamine the Classic Article “The Aims of the Criminal Law”
edited by Timothy Lynch
KF9223 .I58 2009
Thomcat |

International Law and Fact-finding in the Field of Human Rights
edited by B.G. Ramcharan
K3240.4 .I58 1982
Thomcat |

The International Politics of Judicial Intervention: Creating a More Just Order
Andrea Birdsall
KZ4017 .B57 2009 (New Book Shelf)
Thomcat |

Judges on Judging: Views from the Bench
collected and edited by David M. O’Brien
KF8775.A75 J82 2009
Thomcat |

Law and the Contradictions of the Disability Rights Movement
Samuel R. Bagenstos
KF480 .B345 2009
Thomcat |

Legal Ethics: Rules, Statutes and Comparisons
KF306 .L447

Legal Responses to HIV and AIDS
James Chalmers
K3575.A43 C45 2008
Thomcat |

Legally Speaking: Contemporary American Culture and the Law
Helle Porsdam
KF385 .P645 1999
Thomcat |

Living Constitution, Dying Faith: Progressivism and the New Science of Jurisprudence
Bradley C.S. Watson
KF4552 .W38 2009
Thomcat |

The Lost History of the Ninth Amendment
Kurt T. Lash
KF4558 9th .L37 2009
Thomcat |

The Necessary Evil of Preventive Detention in the War on Terror: a Plan for a More Moderate and Sustainable Solution
Stephanie Cooper Blum
KF9430 .B48 2008 (New Book Shelf)
Thomcat |

The New Aging: Politics and Change in America
Fernando M. Torres-Gil
HV1461 .T66 1992
Thomcat |

The Principle of Legality in International and Comparative Criminal Law
Kenneth S. Gallant
K5165 .G35 2009
Thomcat |

Principled Sentencing: Readings on Theory and Policy
edited by Andrew von Hirsch, Andrew Ashworth and Julian Roberts.
K5121.Z9 P75 2009
Thomcat |

Protecting Civilians: The Obligations of Peacekeepers
Siobhan Wills
KZ6515 .W55 2009
Thomcat |

Regulating Tobacco
edited by Robert L. Rabin & Stephen D. Sugarman
HD9136 .R43 2001
Thomcat |

Regulators: Our Invisible Government, 1982
KF5407 .R43 2004 (Video)
Thomcat |

Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent
Marjorie Cohn (TJSL Faculty) and Kathleen Gilberd
U22 .C542 2009
Thomcat |

Sexual Discrimination and Harassment
edited by Rachel C. Feldman
KF4758 .S49 2008
Thomcat |

Speaking for the Dead: The Human Body in Biology and Medicine
D. Gareth Jones and Maja I. Whitaker
QM33.5 .J66 2009
Thomcat |

Speaking Up: The Unintended Costs of Free Speech in Public Schools
Anne Proffitt Dupre
KF4124.5 .D87 2009
Thomcat |

Territorial Rights
Tamar Meisels
KZ3675 .M45 2009
Thomcat |

Trade and Investment Rule-making: The Role of Regional and Bilateral Agreements
edited by Stephen Woolcock
HF1418.7 .T723 2006
Thomcat |

The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public
Susan M. Schweik
KF480 .S39 2009
Thomcat |

Youth Outloud!: A Documentary Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Issues in our Schools
produced, written, and directed by Kathy Hines & Becky Burklee
HQ75.15 .Y68 2000 (Reserve)

Multimedia Spotlight

Check out the library’s legal-themed DVD collection.  DVDs can be checked out from the Reserve collection for 24 hours.  Just ask at the Circulation desk.  Here are a couple of the 50+ movies we have available:

intolerable_crueltyIntolerable Cruelty
PN1995.9 .C55 I57 2004

When the beautiful Marylin Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones) obtains recorded evidence that her wealthy husband Rex is cheating on her, she files for divorce. But Rex hires top divorce lawyer Miles Massey (George Clooney), requesting him that Marylin gets nothing in the divorce. Massey manages to achieve this request by proving that Marilyn schemed to marry for money rather than for love from the very start, and she is left penniless. Surprisingly, Marylin returns some months later with a request of her own: she is engaged to marry a dimwitted Texan millionaire, and to prove that she is marrying for love rather than money this time she will sign the “Massey contract”, an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement that will once again leave her penniless if she divorces. Massey wonders whether the scheming Marylin changed her skin- or her plans.

the_firmThe Firm
PN1997 .F476 2000

Fresh out of law school, top Harvard graduate Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) receives an extraordinarily attractive offer from a small, prestigious firm in Memphis, and accepts it over offers from more well-known firms in New York. He and his wife Abby (Jeanne Tripplehorn) are overwhelmed at first by the money and gifts showered upon them, and Mitch befriends a flamboyant partner (Avery Tolar.) But he starts to suspect that something is wrong when two associates die in an accident. And then, a government agent approaches him with a request for information, and Mitch understands that his life will never be the same. Based on the John Grisham novel.

Multimedia Spotlight

Check out the library’s legal-themed DVD collection.  DVDs can be checked out from the Reserve collection for 24 hours.  Just ask at the Circulation desk.  Here are a couple of the 50+ movies we have available:

12_angry_men12 Angry Men
VIDEO PN1997 .T74 2001

A Puerto Rican teenager is accused of murdering his father and the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of his guilt.  But one juror on this seemingly open-and-shut case (played by Henry Fonda) is not entirely convinced of the boy’s guilt.  Stressing the idea of reasonable doubt, he attempts to persuade the other jurors to re-evaluate the evidence. In the process, each juror’s character and reasons for voting against the defendant are exposed.  Sidney Lumet directs the courtroom drama in a claustrophobic, one-room setting that enhances the tense atmosphere as each man battles with his conditioning and his conscience to reach the right decision.

clientThe Client
VIDEO PN1997 .C55 1997

When a boy (Brad Renfro) hears an important confession from a dying lawyer who worked for the mob, his life is placed in serious jeopardy.  An attorney just out of law school (Susan Sarandon) takes many risks protect the boy and his family despite pressures from the FBI and the government.  Tommy Lee Jones plays a ruthless Federal prosecutor determined to mine the full details about the murder from Renfro.  Joel Schumacher directs this tight, faithful adaptation of John Grisham’s novel.