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Staff Recommendation Corner: “Because I said so!”

Because I said so

Title: Because I said so! : the truth behind the myths, tales and warnings every generation passes down to its kids

Author: Ken Jennings

Call Number: AG243 .J47 2012 (Popular Reading Collection, 4th floor)  

Reviewed by: Hadas Livnat

Review: Did you know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can actually be BAD for you? Ken Jennings looks at common myths and parental “wisdom” to divine the truth behind them in short 0.5-1 page examination for each topic. An amusing, sometimes eye-opening read.

4/5 stars

Staff Recommendation Corner: “America Again”

America Again

Title: America again : Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t

Author: Stephen Colbert

Popular Reading Humor and Personal Improvement Display (Popular Reading Collection, 4th floor)

Reviewed by: Hadas Livnat

Review: A humorous, satirical look at current social and political issues in America, including healthcare, the economy, food, Wall Street and elections.

5/5 stars

Staff Recommendation Corner: “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture”

Cheap High Cost of Discount CultureTitle: Cheap : The High Cost of Discount Culture

Author: Ellen Ruppel Shell

HF5429.215.U6 S54 2009  (Popular Reading Collection, 4th floor)

Reviewed by: Hadas Livnat

Review: Ellen Ruppel Shell exposes how being able to obtain a lot of low-price stuff, whether it’s clothes, food, furnishing or any other items, comes at a heavy environmental and human costs. The pervasive notion that “more is better” and “cheaper is better” lowers the standard of living in the form of the excess of easily discarded (because cheaply made and easily broken) items. Food for thought.

4/5 stars

Staff Recommendation Corner: “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains”

The-ShallowsTitle: The Shallows : What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

Author: Nicholas Carr.

QP360 .C3667 2010  (Popular Reading Collection, 4th floor)

Reviewed by: Hadas Livnat

Review: Carr argues that the format by which we absorb information is important, since neural paths in the brain re-wire in response to the specific format of information-conveying tools. He examines the resulting effects on our brains when we read information online and when we read it through the printed book. Carr’s argument is that the online environment as detrimental to our brains since it destroys concentration, and cites studies to support his theory. A thought-provoking and entertaining book.

4/5 stars

Staff Recommendation Corner: “Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies”

Guns-Germs-and-SteelTitle: Guns, Germs, and Steel : The Fates of Human Societies

Author: Jared Diamond

HM206 .D48 1997  (General Collection, 5th floor)

Reviewed by: Hadas Livnat

Review: In this Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Jared Diamond provides a fascinating insight into the geographical and environmental factors that influence information-sharing between societies, and consequently the development of technologies such as agriculture, writing and tools of war; ultimately leading, as Diamond illustrates, to the conquest of an entire Inca army by a few horse-mounted European soldiers.

5/5 stars

McNaughton book collection- check it out!

The Library subscribes to the McNaughton book lease service, which supplies us with new Popular Reading books as they are published. These books are located at the Popular Reading Collection, and are distinguished by a green band at the bottom of the spine of the book. New McNaughton books arrive every month.

Welcome Back Students and Welcome New Students!

LibraryLines5_1_HeaderWelcome Back Students and Welcome New Students!

Welcome to the TJSL community! We’re please to have you as entering/returning students. This issue is dedicated to providing you with the most useful information to ensure your success. So read on in order to find information that will help you make this the best year that you can.

Check Out The Library’s Study Aids Section

Check out our valuable Study Aids section just past the reference librarian office on the first floor. Here you’ll find the most popular and useful study aid materials on a host of subjects — including materials for all first year classes! Materials  include multiple choice and essay questions, subject outlines and topical narration. As a means keeping these materials available to our whole student body, the check out period for all materials in this section is limited to 48 hours.

Find Strategic Help In Your First Year

Succed_Your_First_Year The Library’s “Succeed! Your First Year” display has a number of helpful books with self explanatory titles such as Surviving Law School; 1L Of A Ride; Stress, Tests, and Success. The Ultimate Law School  Survival Guide; and our own Professor Vandvelde’s Thinking Like a Lawyer. There’s even a DVD: All About Law School. TJSL Professor Slomanson helps out with his own Website titled Intro. to Law: First Year Survival and our Professor Steinberg presents Surviving Law School on YouTube.

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Keep Updated With The Library Blog & RSS Feeds

BlogThe library blog, ThomChat, focuses on technology and legal developments. Recent posts include a description of library purchases in the areas of immigration law, law and social justice, law and technology and a comparison of legal research texts in the library.

CurrentAwarenessRSSFeedsIf you want to see recent news on many different legal topics, then the Current News/Recent Cases RSS page is for you. We’ve done all the work for you! Just click onto your topic from the left side table of contents and multiple RSS feeds will populate the right side of the screen.

Study Efficiently: Use Our Course Reserve Materials & Study Rooms

CircDeskWe purchase copies of your required and recommended course books and place them behind the circulation desk in the Course Reserves section. This section exists to benefit every class member, so checkout is limited to two hours. Just ask at the circulation desk for the book by title and by course name.

StudyRoomThe library also provides group study rooms on the second floor. These popular rooms are available for same day use. You may reserve a room for two hours either in person at the circulation desk, or by phone at 619-297-9700 x1100. Only same day reservations are available.

Interactive CALI Exercises Are Invaluable

CALICALI provides hundreds of interactive lessons on most legal subjects, including all first year course subjects. If you’ll recall, the   library orientation packet contained a CALI disk and an online access instruction sheet. Use the sheet to register at CALI. You may also access the lessons from the CALI DVD from your orientation packet, which requires no registration or password.

Relax With Our DVD & Popular Books Collections

DVD_CollectionLegal-themed movies can be a stress reliever, and are also a practical and entertaining way to learn the law. Faculty often assign legal-themed movies, with titles such as My Cousin Vinny, Kramer v. Kramer, and A Civil Action, as mandatory course viewing. Additionally, we have several educational DVDs. You can review the whole list of DVDs in the binder at the Circulation Desk, or you can conduct a search on ThomCat.

PopReadingThe library’s popular reading section offers another chance for you to unwind. This section, located in the soft seating area in the north west corner of the first floor, offers titles such as The Bourne Deception, The Prosecution Rests, Get Real, and Irish Tweed. Many students read a book in the soft seating over the course of several weeks, but you may also check out these books for a two week period.