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UPDATED: DVD Film collection website

Popular DVD pink sticker collection

Check out the updated list of DVD films available at the library!

Help With Final Papers

As your final papers become due, let me remind you of the resources that are currently available to you for help with final papers.

For help with legal research, you may contact the TJSL reference librarians

June Mac Leod


Catherine Deane

or circulation librarians:

Hadas Livnat


Torin Andrews

If you need help immediately, you can try the legal research tutorials and research guides, you may be able to find one on your topic.

As always the library provides a virtual reference service, AskThom, you can use this to contact library staff for immediate answers during hours when the library is open.

To find books and journals available at TJSL, use ThomCat, the online catalog. Be sure to type in the name of the book or journal. A search for the title of an article will yield nothing in ThomCat.

To search for individual articles, search Westlaw, Lexis or HeinOnline.

For legal news on a particular topic, try the Westlaw and Lexis news databases, or check to see if there is a BNA publication for your area of law. You can find the BNA database on our Library Research Page. Login with your email user ID and password.

You can also access our online databases through ThomCat.

Website Spotlight: — making money/vote connections transparent‘s mission is to “illuminate the connection between money and politics in unprecedented ways.” The organization aims to “give citizens the tools to find out for themselves how campaign contributions affect the specific issues they care about.” Watch this 6 mins. video to learn how it works.

Some articles and other items about

Shedding New Light on Lawmakers’ Voting Records (interview on KQED) (June 18, 2009)

Mapping a better world (The Economist) (June 4, 2009)

The People’s Data (Newsweek) (February 28, 2009)

The Citizen Watchdogs of Web 2.0 (Time) (June 30, 2008)

MAPLight gets its data from:

Website Spotlight: California Courts & California Legislature

california_courts2California Courts

The California Courts website provides a no-cost, full-text, searchable database of all published California Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions from 1850 to the present. Slip opinions for recent decisions (both published and unpublished) are posted to the website within hours of being filed. The advanced search function allows for terms and connectors searching powered by LexisNexis®. The California Courts website also provides free access to Judicial Council Forms, Court Rules for all California courts, a self-help center for pro se litigants, court statistics, and other reference and informational materials.

california_legislature1California Legislature

The California Legislative Counsel provides a no-cost, full-text, searchable database of the California Codes, the California Constitution, and the text, history, status of each bill introduced from 1993-present in each of its draft forms. On the California Legislature website you can also find all bill analyses prepared by legislative committees, any veto messages, all statutes enacted on or after January 1, 1993, a list of matters pending on the Assembly or Senate floor, a list of the committees and their members, Rules of the Legislature, the Legislative Calendar, the schedule of legislative committee hearings, and more.