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Library Highlights: Elder Law

Everyday Law for Seniors

Lawrence A. Frolik and Linda S. Whitton

KF390.A4 F7535 2010

From the Publisher: Seniors are a wide ranging and exponentially growing special status group that the law treats differentially with respect to rights, responsibilities, and benefits. This book is written to inform and assist seniors and those who care for them. The topics covered range from retirement strategies, housing options, and long-term care to federal benefit programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and ultimately, to end of life decisions. Whether you are someone looking out for your parents; a new retiree concerned about your legal rights; or one of the growing number of “old old” eighty-five years or older who needs answers to confusing legal issues, this book provides essential information in clear language about timely topics such as reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance, powers of attorney, guardianship, and the hidden problem of elder abuse.

Elder Law Answer Book

Robert B. Fleming, Lisa Nachmias Davis

KF390.A4 F58 2010

From the Publisher: Written by nationally-known elder law practitioners, Robert B. Fleming and Lisa Nachmias Davis, the Elder Law Answer Book gathers the most current legal, regulatory, and practice guidelines from the core topics of elder law, long-term care, estate planning, retirement planning, healthcare decision making, and rights of the elderly — and presents this information in a thoroughly integrated, easy-access reference. The all-new Third Edition of Elder Law Answer Book helps you render sound advice and give reliable guidance on: medicaid and long-term care planning, estate planning, probate and trust administration, special needs trusts, medicare and more!

A Well-Tailored Safety Net: The Only Fair and Sensible way to Save Social Security

Jed Graham

HD7125 .G695 2010

From the Publisher: Tackling one of the most difficult and divisive issues facing America today, A Well- Tailored Safety Net: The Only Fair and Sensible Way to Save Social Security seeks to transform the political debate over Social Security reform by introducing the first proposal tailored to meet both the nation’s fiscal challenges and the responsibility of caring for an aging population. As the first batch of 77 million baby boomers begins to collect its social security benefits in the midst of the explosion of national debt from economic recovery expenditures, Social Security reform becomes increasingly urgent. Jed Graham takes apart each of the current leading proposals and shows how all of them fall short by the key criteria of affordability, effectiveness, and fairness. Graham proposes a bold new approach that would erase more debt than any other proposal, yet avoid benefit cuts in very old age, when people can least afford them. Short on actuary speak and long on common sense, A Well-Tailored Safety Net makes the Social Security debate accessible to general readers. At the same time, it advances innovative solutions with such command of analytic detail and ideological impartiality as to merit serious study by legislators and policymakers.

New Times, New Challenges:

Law and Advice for Savvy Seniors and their Families

Kenney F. Heglandm, Robert B. Fleming

KF390.A4 H443 2010

From the Publisher: Students taking Elder Law or Health Law might find this book helpful to get a quick introduction to topics you don’t cover in your course or as a second opinion for those you do. As a savvy law professor, even if you don’t teach those courses, particularly if you don’t teach those courses, you get tough questions from friends and relatives — “Should I have a living trust? What’s a health care power of attorney? What’s a disgruntled heir?” Here’s help for dire times. Written by a law professor with the practical insights of an elder law lawyer, it covers everything from retirement (finances, housing, Medicare) to advance directives, elder abuse to nursing homes, scams, bill collectors, age discrimination, to disability in the family and hospice. It even covers sex, driving, and what it feels like growing old, having everyone start calling you “dear” and giving you, without even asking, those dreaded discounts.

Comparing how Various Nations Administer Retirement Income: Essays on Social Security, Privatisation, and Inter-Generational Covenants

edited by Mark Hyde and John Dixon

HD7091 .C56 2010

From the Publisher: This book makes an innovative contribution to the field of retirement income security in three distinctive ways. First, it seeks to develop a sophisticated philosophical rationale for the social dimension, in the context of retirement. Such a rationale is frequently implicit in much of the relevant literature, and where explicit, is often crudely developed. Second, it seeks to identify robustly the ways in which specific forms of privatisation promote outcomes that are consistent with the social dimension, whilst acknowledging the possibility of market failure. Third, it seeks to provide an agenda for reform, based on robustly developed normative arguments, and a careful appraisal of the evidence.

Social Security: A Fresh Look at Policy Alternatives

Jagadeesh Gokhale

HD7125 .G654 2010

From the Publisher: To assess Social Security’s fate more accurately under current and alternative policies, Gokhale constructs a detailed simulation of the forces shaping American demographics and the economy to project their future evolution. He then uses this simulation to analyze six prominent Social Security reform packages—two liberal, two centrist, and two conservative—to demonstrate how far they would restore the program’s financial health and which population groups would be helped or hurt in the process. Arguments over Social Security have raged for decades, but they have taken place in a relative informational vacuum; Social Security provides the necessary bedrock of analysis that will prove vital for anyone with a stake in this important debate.

Forced Out: Older Workers Confront Job Loss

Kenneth A. Root, Rosemarie J. Park

HD5708.55.U6 R65 2009

From the Publisher: What happens to long-term employees when their jobs are unexpectedly eliminated? In this richly detailed study of a major layoff and its aftermath, Kenneth Root and Rosemarie Park address head-on the ramifications of job loss for older workers. The authors follow the experiences of 173 factory workers—from first thoughts on being forced out of work to reflections several years later. Retraining, age discrimination, and the occasional, if unanticipated, benefits of job loss are among the many issues considered. The result is a wide-ranging and thoughtful look at both the universal issues facing downsized employees and the unique challenges of being an older worker involuntarily out of work.

Global Legal Studies — Recent Acquisitions

EC Competition and Telecommunications Law
edited by Christian Koenig … [et al.].
KJE6964 .E25 2009
ThomCat |

Engaging With Foreign Law
Basil Markesinis in co-operation with Jorg Fedtke
K559 .M374 2009
ThomCat |

The Establishment of the Hariri Tribunal
edited by C. Tofan
KZ6304 .E88 2008
ThomCat |

EU Criminal Law
Valsamis Mitsilegas
KJE7975 .M58 2009
ThomCat |

European Employment Law: a Country by Country Guide
edited by Trowers and Hamlins
KJC2855 .E95 1995

The European Union and China, 1949-2008: Basic Documents and Commentary
Francis Snyder
D1065.C5 S69 2009
ThomCat |

Foreign Relations Law: Cases and Materials
Curtis A. Bradley, Jack L.Goldsmith
KF4651 .B73 2009
ThomCat |

Gifts: a Study in Comparative Law
Richard Hyland
K898 .H95 2009
ThomCat |

A Guide to the Laws, Regulations, and Policies of the People’s Republic of China on Foreign Trade and Investment
James L. Kenworth
KNQ78.B87 K46 1989
ThomCat |

Housing Homeless Persons: Administrative Law and the Administrative Process
Ian Loveland
KD1179 .L68 1995

Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child
prepared for UNICEF by Rachel Hodgkin and Peter Newell
K639.A41989 H63 2007
ThomCat |

International Courts and Environmental Protection
Tim Stephens
K3585 .S74 2009
ThomCat |

International Environmental Law: Basic Instruments and References, 1992-1999
Edith Brown Weiss, Daniel Barstow Magraw, Paul C. Szasz
K3583 .W452 1999
ThomCat |

Jurisdiction of Specific International Tribunals
Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe
KZ6265 .A44 2009
ThomCat |

The Law Market
Erin A. O’Hara and Larry E. Ribstein
KF8858 .R49 2009
ThomCat |

Mass-mediated Terrorism: The Central Role of the Media in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Brigitte L. Nacos
PN4784.T45 N35 2002
ThomCat |

The Nexus of Law and Biology: New Ethical Challenges
edited by Barbara Ann Hocking
K328 .N494 2009
ThomCat |

Protecting Civilians: The Obligations of Peacekeepers
Siobhan Wills
KZ6515 .W55 2009
ThomCat |

Regimes Matrimoniaux, Successions et liberalites dans les relations internationales et internes
sous la direction de Michel Verwilghen; Union internationale du notariat latin, commission des affaires europeennes et de la Mediterranee
KJC979.M37 R44 2007

Rethinking Europe’s Constitution
edited by Andreas Kinneging
KJE4445 .R47 2007

Routledge Handbook of International Law
edited by David Armstrong; editorial board, Jutta Brunee … [et al.].
KZ1250 .R68 2009
ThomCat |

Standard Contract Terms in Europe: a Basis for and a Challenge to European Contract Law
edited by Hugh Collins
KJE1640 .S73 2008
ThomCat |

Status Quaestionis: Questionnaire on the Provision of Legal Interpreting and Translation in the EU
edited by Erik Hertog, Jan Van Gucht
KJE5306 .S73 2008

Trade and Investment Rule-making: The Role of Regional and Bilateral Agreements
edited by Stephen Woolcock
HF1418.7 .T723 2006
ThomCat |