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Law, Technology & Communication — Recent Acquisitions

Civil Rights in Wartime: The Post-9/11 Sikh Experience
Dawinder S. Sidhu, Neha Singh Gohil
KF4755 .S543 2009
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Community, Space and Online Censorship: Regulating Pornotopia
Scott Beattie
KU4220 .B43 2009
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Justice for All: Challenges of the Mentally Ill in the Legal System
Sherrie Bourg Carter
KF480 .B68 2009
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Law, Explanation and Analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Including Reconciliation Act Impact
KF1183 .A369 2010
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RIA’s Complete Analysis of the Tax and Benefits Provisions of the 2010 Health Care Act as Amended by the 2010 Health Care Reconciliation Act: with Code and ERISA Sections as Amended and Committee Reports
KF6276.62010 .A2 2010

The TRIPS Regime of Patent Rights

Nuno Pires de Carvalho
K1505 .C37 2010
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