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Library Highlights – Law & Bioethics

The Nexus of Law and Biology: New Ethical Challenges
edited by Barbara Ann Hocking
K328 .N494 2009
From the Publisher: Although law and science have interacted for centuries, today their interactions pose enormous challenges. These challenges are reflected in issues ranging from reproductive technology and resource conservation, to genetic technology and biological warfare.

The emerging dialogue is complex and requires an ongoing re-thinking of general principles, such as expert biological evidence, which features in a wide range of legal contexts, and including medical law, torts, crime and intellectual property.

Studying the many ways in which law and biology come together in many areas of contemporary life, The Nexus of Law and Biology: New Ethical Challenges explores the juridical uses of biological sciences to illuminate key issues and contemporary intersections, arguing that each of several disciplines must communicate with one another, recognizing a common ground in ethics. Featuring an impressive list of contributors, this book is an invaluable reference for legal scholars, students, practising lawyers and scientists engaged with the legal system.

Bioethics and Law in a Nutshell
Sandra H. Johnson and Robert L. Schwartz
KF3821 .J64 2009
From the Publisher: This work provides a concise analysis of areas in which the law has addressed issues in bioethics. Topics include assisted reproductive techniques and family-making, limitations on reproduction (including abortion, contraception, and sterilization), the role of ethical and religious beliefs of health care professionals, the definition of death, end-of-life decision making (including physician-assisted death), genetics, research involving human subjects (including issues related to conflicts of interest), organ transplantation, limitations on coercive public health regulation, the operation of ethics committees, and other emerging topics. The book provides an excellent introduction to this area as well as useful support for students.

Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics
Barry R. Furrow et al.
KF3821.A7 B56 2008
From the Publisher: This book provides a rich body of materials for courses in bioethics and law. Primary legal sources, including judicial opinions, statutes, regulations, and institutional policies, will give students insight into the strategies used by courts, legislatures, agencies, and health care providers in addressing bioethics issues. The book also draws from interdisciplinary research in medicine, ethics, and law to provide students with diverse critiques of legal and public policy issues in bioethics. This edition includes a selection of new problems; completely updated notes and bibliographies; and new or expanded treatment of issues that have come to prominence since the previous edition.

Legal Perspectives in Bioethics
edited by Ana S. Iltis, Sandra H. Johnson and Barbara A. Hinze
KF3821 .L445 2008
From the Publisher: Issues in bioethics often turn, at least in part, on the law and regulatory requirements. Consisting of chapters that address particular bioethics topics from the law’s perspective, this fascinating book includes: an introduction to the American legal system, papers identifying the principal ways in which the law influences discussions and decisions concerning each of the topics highlighted, supplemental papers on certain areas that address the influence and status of the law in countries other than the United States.

Covering traditional topics in bioethics, such as determinations of death and health care decisions for vulnerable groups, this study also explores emerging areas such as conflicts of interest in research, genetics, and privacy and confidentiality in the electronic age. Incisive and thought-provoking, this volume provides readers with a rich context for understanding the intersection between the law on bioethics and the central issues in bioethics.

Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics
Dean M. Harris
KF3825 .H373 2008
From the Publisher: Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics, Third Edition, examines the most important legal and ethical issues in healthcare and presents essential information that will help you learnto identify and tackle potential legal problems.

This edition includes new information and extensive updates including: The U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on physician-assisted suicide, the liability of health plans, and partial-birth abortion, Legal and ethical issues in emergency contraception, The Terri Schiavo case involving termination of life support, The Medicare prescription drug benefit and HIPAA Privacy Rule, Medical malpractice reform and the reporting of medical errors, Obligations to provide emergency care and make services accessible to persons with limited English proficiency, A new chapter on health insurance and the ongoing effort to achieve universal health insurance coverage. This new edition also has a revised emphasis and focus. Rather than focusing on managed care, it emphasizes, and includes more material on, health insurance reform.

Retrieving the Natural Law: A Return to Moral First Things
J. Daryl Charles
K420 .C33 2008
From the Publisher: Restating what all people intuit and what this means in moral, specifically bioethical, discourse is the raison d’être for this volume. J. Daryl Charles argues that a traditional metaphysics of natural law lies at the heart of the present reconstructive project, and that a revival in natural-law thinking is of the highest priority for the Christian community as we contend in, rather than abdicate, the public square.

Nowhere is this more on display than in the realm of bioethics, where the most basic moral questions human personhood, human rights versus responsibilities, the reality of moral evil, the basis of civil society — are being debated. With his timely application of natural-law thinking to the field of bioethics, Charles seeks to breathe new life back into this key debate.