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Global Legal Studies — Recent Acquisitions

Assignment and Arbitration: A Comparative Study
Juan Carlos Landrove
K2400 .L36 2009
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The Effectiveness of International Criminal Justice
edited by Cedric Ryngaert
KZ6304 .E34 2009

The EU and WTO Law on Services: Limits to the Realisation of General Interest Policies within the Services Markets?
edited by Johan van de Gronden
K3973 .E93 2009
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Fundamental Perspectives on International Law ~Faculty Publication~
William R. Slomanson
KZ3180.S59 F86 2011 (Lobby Display)
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The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies while Redressing Human Rights Violations
edited by Ruth Rubio-Marin
K5301 .G46 2009
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The Impact of 9/11 and the new Legal Landscape
edited by Matthew J. Morgan; with a foreword by Bob Graham
KF9430 .I47 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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International Crime and Punishment: A Guide to the Issues
James Larry Taulbee
K5301 .T377 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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An Introduction to International Institutional Law
Jan Klabbers
KZ4850 .K58 2009
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Law Among Nations: An Introduction to Public International Law
Gerhard von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee
KZ3185 .V66 2010
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The Law of Command Responsibility
Guenael Mettraux
K5301 .M4825 2009
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Minority Groups and Judicial Discourse in International Law: A Comparative
Gaetano Pentassuglia
K3242 .P455 2009
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Mobilizing for Human Rights: International Law in Domestic Politics
Beth A. Simmons
K3240 .S5435 2009
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The Past and Future of EU Law: The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th
Anniversary of the Rome Treaty
edited by Miguel Poiares Maduro and Loic Azoulai
KJE947 .P37 2010
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Research and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration: Sources and
S.I. Strong
K2400 .S873 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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Restoring the Balance: War Powers in an Age of Terror
Seth Weinberger
KF5060 .W45 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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Targeted Killing in International Law
Nils Melzer
KZ6362 .M45 2009
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Trade Policy Flexibility and Enforcement in the World Trade Organization: A Law
and Economics Analysis
Simon A.B. Schropp
K4610 .S37 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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USA Patriot Act: A Legislative History of the Uniting and Strengthening of
America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct
Terrorism Act, Public Law no. 107-56 (2001) Series III
[compiled] by Bernard D. Reams, Jr. & Michael P. Forrest.
KF9430.A316 U83 2007

Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict
William H. Boothby
KZ5624 .B66 2009
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Global Legal Studies — Recent Acquisitions

Global Regulatory Issues for the Cosmetics Industry
K3649 .G58 2007
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The Human Dimension of International Law: Selected Papers
Antonio Cassese
KZ3395.C25 A2 2008
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The International Legal Governance of the Human Genome
Chamundeeswari Kuppuswamy
K3611.A77 K87 2009
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Law at the Vanishing Point: A Philosophical Analysis of International Law
Aaron Fichtelberg
KZ1256 .F53 2008
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Legislating the War on Terror: An Agenda for Reform
Benjamin Wittes, editor
KF9430 .L434 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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Public International Law: A Guide to Information Sources
Elizabeth Beyerly
KZ3110.B49 P83 1991
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Raising the Global Floor: Dismantling the Myth that we can’t Afford Good Working Conditions for Everyone
Jody Heymann and Alison Earle
HD6971.8 .H49 2010
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The World Trade Organization: A Legal and Institutional Analysis
Jan Wouters and Bart De Meester
K4610 .W689 2007
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Global Legal Studies: Recent Acquisitions

Elements of Crimes under International Law
Gideon Boas, James L. Bischoff, Natalie L. Reid
K5301 .B627 2008
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Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment
Henry Cohen
KF4770 .C63 2008
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The International Politics of Judicial Intervention: Creating a More Just Order
Andrea Birdsall
KZ4017 .B57 2009 (New Book Shelf)
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Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law
edited by T.J. Grierson Weiler
K3829.8 .I58 2008
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The Necessary Evil of Preventive Detention in the War on Terror: a Plan for a More Moderate and Sustainable Solution
Stephanie Cooper Blum
KF9430 .B48 2008 (New Book Shelf)
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Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations
edited by Juan A. Marchetti and Martin Roy
HD9980.5 .O64 2008
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U.S. International Investment Agreements
Kenneth J. Vandevelde [TJSL Faculty]
KF1575 .V365 2009
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