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Your fellow students would prefer if you were as quiet as possible in the library while everyone studies for exams.

Until everyone is finished, Wed December 14th, please be extra careful about speaking quietly in the library.

Please take phone calls and extended in-person conversations to the copy room and shut the door.

Even speaking in the elevator lobby can disturb students who are trying to study near the library entrances.

During Finals, many of your classmates are very stressed out and they need the library as a quiet study space.

Please be considerate and Good Luck with your final exams.


Find out what research skills you will be expected to have as a new law firm associate

Acting Library Director Patrick Meyer recently gave a presentation that summarized his 2010 law firm legal research e-survey findings.

The survey answers the questions of:

  • what research tasks must new law firm associates know and in what format(s)
  • the particulars of law firm online pricing plans
  • common costly online research mistakes, and
  • which print sets are likely to stay in most firms

The accompanying PowerPoint slides and a draft law review article that contains the updated 2010 research results are available at his SSRN homepage at The documents in question are numbers 2 & 3 on this page.

2.  2011 Law Firm Legal Research Requirements for New Attorneys

3.  2011 Presentation on Law Firm Legal Research Requirements of New Hires