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Library Mini-Class Schedule: Spring 2012

All classes will be offered at the 4th floor Learning Center in the library.  Please sign-up on TWEN for the course Legal Research Training then sign-up for individual mini-classes. Email Reference Librarian, Catherine Deane for the password.

2L and 3L students are also welcome to attend as a refresher.




Friday, Feb. 3, 10:00-10:15 am Secondary Sources: Treatises
Friday, Feb. 3, 10:15-10:30 am Secondary Sources:  Legal Encyclopedias
Friday, Feb. 3, 10:30-10:45 am How to Use ThomCat Catalog
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 11:30-11:45 am Digests
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 11:45-Noon Legal Abbreviations
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1:00-1:20 pm Primary Sources:  Locate a statute
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1:20-1:35 pm Primary Sources:  Locate a case
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2:00-2:30 pm Developing Good Study Habits
Thursday, Feb. 9, 10:00-10:45 am How to Research

Library Resources: Research Training Sessions, Online Research Guides and Research Tutorials

As you begin a new semester at TJSL, we would like to remind you about library resources available to you.

Upcoming training sessions

Students who are working on seminar papers this semester may want to sign-up for legal research training. We offer short training sessions in Bluebooking, Basic Legal Research and Plagiarism. If fewer than 5 students sign up for a training session, the session may be canceled. You will be offered a place in the next available training session. Find the Legal Research Training page on TWEN and use the sign-up sheets to sign up for a training session. Email reference librarian Catherine Deane with any questions.

Study Aids

The Library carries many study aids, which are located on the 4th floor. Recent study aids are located in the 4th Floor lobby opposite to the circulation desk. Older editions of study aids may be available in the 4th floor stacks. There are other study aids, including bar review material on reserve. Ask for them at the 4th floor circulation desk.

For more information on Study Aids, see the Study Aids Research Guide.

Course Reserves

You can use ThomCat to find the materials available to you on Course Reserve. You can search by course name or by professor’s name.

 Research Guides

There are over 40 online research guides available to you, created by the TJSL librarians to help you with research. For example:

 Legal Research Tutorials and Legal News

Patrick Meyer, the Interim Library Director has created several Legal Research Video Tutorials and a News Website that can be found on this News You Can Use Guide.

 Sign-up for Training in the Library

Remember, to sign-up for upcoming training sessions in Bluebooking, Basic Legal Research and Plagiarism (learning how to avoid doing it). To sign-up, find the Legal Research Training page on TWEN and use the sign-up sheets to sign-up for a training session. Email reference librarian Catherine Deane with any questions.

Welcome to Spring 2012!

Lexis Advance has Arrived

Similar to WestlawNext, Lexis has a new product called Lexis Advance which is now available to students at TJSL. To access Lexis Advance, you will go to and log in with your normal Lexis ID. On the ensuing page, click onto the “Lexis Advance” link. Lexis Advance requires a different login. If you haven’t received one yet, contact our new Lexis Account Rep, Christine Yung Yusi, at

To learn how to use Lexis Advance, check out this presentation that describes how to use Lexis Advance.

Lexis Advance functions in a manner similar to WestlawNext in that you can search without having to first select a particular source.

The tutorial explains how to:

  • log in
  • search for documents
  • limit your search after the fact by using various types of filters manage your results
  • save your search results
  • change the order in which your search results appear on the page
  • convert your search from a natural language to a Boolean search
  • save your search as an alert
  • email, print or save individual documents
  • use Lexis Advance folders to organize your research
  • find other Lexis Advance Tutorials


Please note that there is also an iPhone/iPad app for Lexis Advance. This blog post from iPhone JD describes the Lexis Advance App.