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Law, Technology, & Communications — Recent Acquisitions

Black Finance: The Economics of Money Laundering
Donato Masciandaro, Elod Takats, Brigitte Unger
HV6768 .M265 2007  

Conflict Without Chaos: a Look Back at Conflict Intervention Initiatives during the Nation’s Early Civil Rights Era
Bob Greenwald KF9084 .G73 2008  

The Development of Intellectual Property Protection in the Arab World
Mohammed El Said; with a foreword by Peter Drahos
KMC370 .S25 2008  

Economic Analysis of Civil Law
Hans-Bernd Schafer, Claus Ott; translated from the German by Matthew Braham
K623 .S313 2004  

Intellectual Property in Government Contracts: Protecting and Enforcing IP at the State and Federal Level
James G. McEwen, David S. Bloch, Richard M. Gray
KF2979 .M345 2009
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Mastering Intellectual Property
George W. Kuney, Donna C. Looper
KF2979 .K86 2009  
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New Perspectives on Human Embryonic Stemcell Research: What you need to know about the Legal, Moral & Ethical issues
Dr. B.H. Frazier
KF3827.S7 F73 2009   

The Nexus of Law and Biology: New Ethical Challenges
edited by Barbara Ann Hocking
K328 .N494 2009  

Patents and Public Health: Legalising the Policy Thoughts in the Doha TRIPS Declaration of 14 November 2001
Andrew Law
K1519.D78 L38 2009
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Public Broadcasting and European Law: a Comparative Examination of Public Service Obligations in Six Member States
Irini Katsirea
KJE6995 .K38 2008
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Regulating Tobacco
edited by Robert L. Rabin & Stephen D. Sugarman
HD9136 .R43 2001  

The Scale and Impacts of Money Laundering
Brigitte Unger with a contribution of Elena Madalina Busuioc
HV6771.N4 U64 2007  

Speaking for the Dead: The Human Body in Biology and Medicine
D. Gareth Jones and Maja I. Whitaker
QM33.5 .J66 2009


Legal Jobs RSS Feeds

Looking for a job?  If you’re a current TJSL student or a TJSL alumni, be sure to take advantage of the helpful services provided by the TJSL Career Services office.  To keep up with the latest job postings, check out these 2 RSS feed displays:

Legal jobs in California 

Legal jobs in the United States

They compile current legal job postings from LawJobs, Monster, Indeed, Counsel.Net Legal Jobs, Yahoo! HotJobs, and CareerBuilder in one place for easy viewing.  The displays automatically update, so you don’t have to re-run searches. Click on the job title to go to the full listing.


Visiting Monticello

Enjoy Maira Kalman’s poetic essay Time Wastes Too Fast inspired by a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, published in Kalman’s NY Times blog And the Pursuit of Happiness.

Global Legal Studies — Recent Acquisitions

EC Competition and Telecommunications Law
edited by Christian Koenig … [et al.].
KJE6964 .E25 2009
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Engaging With Foreign Law
Basil Markesinis in co-operation with Jorg Fedtke
K559 .M374 2009
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The Establishment of the Hariri Tribunal
edited by C. Tofan
KZ6304 .E88 2008
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EU Criminal Law
Valsamis Mitsilegas
KJE7975 .M58 2009
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European Employment Law: a Country by Country Guide
edited by Trowers and Hamlins
KJC2855 .E95 1995

The European Union and China, 1949-2008: Basic Documents and Commentary
Francis Snyder
D1065.C5 S69 2009
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Foreign Relations Law: Cases and Materials
Curtis A. Bradley, Jack L.Goldsmith
KF4651 .B73 2009
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Gifts: a Study in Comparative Law
Richard Hyland
K898 .H95 2009
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A Guide to the Laws, Regulations, and Policies of the People’s Republic of China on Foreign Trade and Investment
James L. Kenworth
KNQ78.B87 K46 1989
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Housing Homeless Persons: Administrative Law and the Administrative Process
Ian Loveland
KD1179 .L68 1995

Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child
prepared for UNICEF by Rachel Hodgkin and Peter Newell
K639.A41989 H63 2007
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International Courts and Environmental Protection
Tim Stephens
K3585 .S74 2009
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International Environmental Law: Basic Instruments and References, 1992-1999
Edith Brown Weiss, Daniel Barstow Magraw, Paul C. Szasz
K3583 .W452 1999
ThomCat |

Jurisdiction of Specific International Tribunals
Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe
KZ6265 .A44 2009
ThomCat |

The Law Market
Erin A. O’Hara and Larry E. Ribstein
KF8858 .R49 2009
ThomCat |

Mass-mediated Terrorism: The Central Role of the Media in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Brigitte L. Nacos
PN4784.T45 N35 2002
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The Nexus of Law and Biology: New Ethical Challenges
edited by Barbara Ann Hocking
K328 .N494 2009
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Protecting Civilians: The Obligations of Peacekeepers
Siobhan Wills
KZ6515 .W55 2009
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Regimes Matrimoniaux, Successions et liberalites dans les relations internationales et internes
sous la direction de Michel Verwilghen; Union internationale du notariat latin, commission des affaires europeennes et de la Mediterranee
KJC979.M37 R44 2007

Rethinking Europe’s Constitution
edited by Andreas Kinneging
KJE4445 .R47 2007

Routledge Handbook of International Law
edited by David Armstrong; editorial board, Jutta Brunee … [et al.].
KZ1250 .R68 2009
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Standard Contract Terms in Europe: a Basis for and a Challenge to European Contract Law
edited by Hugh Collins
KJE1640 .S73 2008
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Status Quaestionis: Questionnaire on the Provision of Legal Interpreting and Translation in the EU
edited by Erik Hertog, Jan Van Gucht
KJE5306 .S73 2008

Trade and Investment Rule-making: The Role of Regional and Bilateral Agreements
edited by Stephen Woolcock
HF1418.7 .T723 2006
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Networking for Shy Lawyers

Check out this blog entry by Susan Cartier Liebel for links to many helpful articles on how to network, even if you’re an introvert. For more on networking for lawyers, check out these resources in the TJSL library:

A Lawyer’s Guide to Networking
Susan R. Sneider
KF316.5 .S64 2006

Legal job interviewing & effective networking [3 audio CDs]
Richard L. Hermann
Reserve AUDIO KF297 .H475 2008

The law firm associate’s guide to personal marketing and selling skills 
Catherine Alman MacDonagh & Beth Marie Cuzzone
KF316.5 .A46 2007

Selling and communication skills for lawyers : a fresh approach to marketing your practice 
Joey Asher
KF316.5 .A97 2005

Coffee Break Webinar Series

From the folks at LexisNexis:

Supercharge your legal research by attending LexisNexis® Coffee Break Webinars. They’re fast, effective and best of all-they’re on the house! Choose from a menu of quick 20-minute sessions and discover powerful tools and proven techniques to help make your research more efficient and cost-effective.

Want to go back for a refresher on a session you attended? Now you can view any previously held Coffee Break whenever it’s convenient for you!*

Play, pause, rewind, stop, resume-you set the pace and the schedule. Simply choose a Webinar from the menu below, grab a cup of joe and click the “Listen Now” button. You’re on your way to discovering proven techniques to help make your research more efficient and cost-effective.

Coffee Break schedules are updated monthly. Check them out here and Register Today.

Popular Reading Spotlight

MedusaIn the Micronesian Islands, a top secret, U.S. government– sponsored undersea lab conducting vital biomedical research on a rare jellyfish known as the Blue Medusa suddenly . . . disappears. At the same time, off Bermuda, a bathysphere is attacked by an underwater vehicle and left helpless a half mile below the surface, its passengers—including Zavala—left to die. Only Kurt Austin’s heroic measures save them from a watery grave, but, suspecting a connection, Austin puts the NUMA® team on the case. He has no idea what he’s just gotten them all into. A hideous series of medical experiments . . . an extraordinarily ambitious Chinese criminal organization . . . a secret new virus that threatens to set off a worldwide pandemic. Austin and Zavala have been in tight spots before, but this time it’s not just their own skins they’re trying to save—it’s the lives of millions. © 2009, G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

June is Effective Communications Month

Court Communication1Effective verbal communication is the linchpin of professional success. With June ushering in Effective Communications Month, now is the perfect time to strengthen your ability to get your point across, advises communications expert Ed Barks.

Communications opportunities come in many forms, noted Barks, President of Barks Communications and author of The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations.

“A formal speech, a job interview, a pitch to your neighborhood association, and a networking event all represent opportunities to advance your career and your cause,” said Barks. “My prescription for every business leader, nonprofit executive, politician, and PTA parent—anyone who needs success in the public arena—calls for a renewed commitment to sharpen their communications edge this month.

“I am often asked what makes an effective communicator,” he remarked. “It all boils down to three easy-to-remember, intuitive steps—the Three Keys to Great Presentations™.

“Those three vital keys are Preparation, Performance, and Assessing Feedback. They form the foundation for every effective communicator,” he explained.

“Preparation involves planning what you want to say ahead of time and devoting plenty of time to practicing your remarks.

“Performance centers not only on what you say, but how you say it,” the communications coach continued. “Pay attention to your nonverbal signals, both your body language and how you use your voice.

“The third key, Assessing Feedback, is the one most often ignored, even by experienced communicators. Find a way to gauge your performance, whether that means recording yourself with a video camera or simply soliciting some honest feedback from a trusted friend or co-worker.”

His final recommendation: “Don’t let June pass you by without taking advantage of Effective Communications Month. It’s a great time to improve your ability to broadcast your point of view. Your career depends on it.”

Barks’ book, The Truth About Public Speaking, is targeted toward business leaders and other professionals. It unlocks the secrets of Barks’ easy to remember Three Keys to Great Presentations™. The book is available from the publisher, Ogmios Publishing, at, and at,,,, and at bookstores everywhere.

Ed Barks is a trainer, author, and speaker who teaches today’s leaders how to deliver dynamic, message-packed presentations and how to work with the media. He has served as President of Barks Communications since its inception in 1997, guiding more than 2700 business leaders, government officials, non-profit leaders, physicians, athletes, association executives, entertainers, and public relations staff toward a sharper message and enhanced communications skills. © 2006, PR Leap,

Come by the Library and check out our display of books and DVD’s designed to help you become more effective in your legal communications!

Federal Government Takes to Social Networking

Over the last few months, the federal government has stepped up its presence on popular social networking sites. There is now a U.S. Government channel on YouTube, a revamped USAgov Facebook page, and a USAgov Twitter feed.  The White House has its own Facebook page, Flickr page, and Twitter feed which posted its inaugural tweet May 1st. For more ways to keep up with news from the federal government, consult Connect with Government, or subscribe to any of these USAgov RSS feeds

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