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Study Break: Law Student Humor

image under Creative Commons License Courtesy gruntzooki on Flikr

By now, you’ve probably heard more than your share of lawyer jokes. One famous one is “What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?”

“A good start.”

This summer you will probably be doing a lot of networking and it would be great if you had a few jokes of your own.

More than that, I know many of you are studying for finals, and sometimes you just need a break. So in the interest of helping you destress, I have created for you a research guide to legal humor.

If you know of something that you think should be added to the guide let me know, I’ll be happy to add it.

Also, you can rate the links, let me know what you think is funny.




Photo Courtesy fiverlocker. Creative Commons License

As we draw closer to finals, it becomes more important to be considerate of your fellow students in the library.
Please remember to take your cell phone into the copy room and shut the door if you would like to have a phone conversation.

Although the LLM Taxation Program Staff will sometimes be talking loudly on phones in their work area outside of the LLM office on the 4th floor, this does not mean that students should use this area to speak on their phones. It means only that students studying in this area may occasionally hear staff talking loudly in order to accomplish their work duties.

Students in this area should not exacerbate this occasional interruption of the quiet atmosphere by speaking on their cell phones.

Please be aware that for the next few weeks in particular, your participation in creating as quiet an atmosphere as possible is essential.

Your fellow students will appreciate your considerate behavior.


Good Luck with finals!.

Research Guides for TJSL Community

Need help with research, consult any of our Research Guides

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Frustrated with the Bluebook? Get help!

Many of you are working on your final papers. If your professor requires you to have your citations conform to the Bluebook format, you may need help.

You can learn how to use the Bluebook on your own or with help from the TJSL librarians.

1 hour class on Bluebooking

Learn how to use the Bluebook and do some guided exercises

  1. Sign-up on TWEN for Legal Research Training
    1. email: Catherine Deane, Reference Librarian/Adjunct Professor to get the password
    2. Sign up for a class on Bluebooking
      1. Thursday 4/19/2012 at 2:20-3:20pm
      2. Friday 4/27/2012 at 2:20-3:20pm

Practicing on your own

  1. View the 1L’s Guide to the Bluebook (Video Tutorial) – Highly Recommended!
  2. Use the CALI Lesson Citation Form for Briefs and Legal Memoranda
    1. if you have never used CALI, email: Catherine Deane, Reference Librarian/Adjunct Professor to get athe CALI registration code
  3. Use the citation exercises on TWEN by signing up on TWEN for Legal Research Training
    1. email: Catherine Deane, Reference Librarian/Adjunct Professor to get the password
    2. log into TWEN, goto  Legal Research Training and then select CiteStation on the left side
  4. Purchase the Interactive Citation Workbook for The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 2011 Edition – $35


The following sources are useful for reference when you are using the Bluebook:

  1. Basic Legal Citation (Cornell) – Quick reference
  2. Alan L. Dworsky’s User’s Guide to the Bluebook
    • —Course Reserve (4th Floor Circulation Desk)

 If you have any further questions, email: Catherine Deane, Reference Librarian/Adjunct Professor