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Tips for Summer Associates

There are numerous blog posts giving advice to Summer Associates. Recurring themes include:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Be grateful
  3. Be helpful
  4. Pay attention
  5. When you are confused, ask questions
  6. Always carry around something with which to take notes
  7. Be on time and don’t work unconventional hours
  8. Smile, be polite, be nice to everyone and avoid drama and gossip
  9. If social opportunities arise, take them and use them to get to know people at their pace
  10. Do not bring random people to social events; plus one means your spouse or long term partner, do not bring a pal or a wildcard who might potentially embarrass you
  11. Ask about the deadline and the budget
  12. Dress conservatively, keep the plunging necklines and exciting ties for the club
  13. Request feedback from your boss on how you are doing
  14. Demonstrate your interest in working at the firm
  15. Always turn in your best work

General Tips

Writing Tips

Tips for Judicial Clerkships


New Titles for the Center for Law and Intellectual Property

Art Entrepreneurship
edited by Mikael Scherdin, Ivo Zander
NX760 .A78 2011

The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet: Conducting Effective Free Investigative & Legal Research on the Web
Carole A. Levitt & Mark E. Rosch
KF242.A1 L482 2011

Interpreting TRIPS: Globalisation of Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines
Hiroko Yamane
K1401.A41994 Y36 2011

A Legal Strategist’s Guide to Trademark, Trial, and Appeal Board Practice
edited by Jonathan Hudis
KF3193 .L44 2010

New Titles for the Center for Global Legal Studies

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century
edited by Ramon Mullerat; authors, Daniel Brennan … [et al.]
K1327 .C675 2011

Guide to ICSID Arbitration
Lucy Reed, Jan Paulsson, Nigel Blackaby
K3834 .R44 2011

Negotiating Sovereignty and Human Rights: International Society and the International Criminal Court
Sibylle Scheipers
KZ6310 .S353 2009

New Titles for the Center for Law and Social Justice

Blessed are the Peacemakers: Martin Luther King Jr., Eight White Religious Leaders, and the “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
S. Jonathan Bass
F334.B69 B37 2002

Citizenship and its Exclusions: A Classical, Constitutional, and Critical Race Critique
Ediberto Roman
K3224 .R66 2010

A Company of One: Insecurity, Independence, and the New World of White-Collar Unemployment
Carrie M. Lane
HD5724 .L276 2011

Feminist Legal History: Essays on Women and Law
edited by Tracy A. Thomas and Tracey Jean Boisseau
KF478 .F46 2011

The Law of Green Buildings: Regulatory and Legal Issues in Design, Construction, Operations, and Financing
edited by J. Cullen Howe and Michael B. Gerrard
KF5701 .L39 2010

Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentaries
edited by Ellen Waldman
KF9084 .M435 2011 (Lobby Display)

Modern Constitutional Law
William J. Rich
KF4550 .A75 2011

Negotiating Sovereignty and Human Rights: International Society and the International Criminal Court
Sibylle Scheipers
KZ6310 .S353 2009

The One Percent: A Film
Jamie Johnson; a Wise & Good Film presentation
VIDEO HB835 .O54 2007 DVD-ROM (Reserve)

Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America
Walter Olson
KF272 .O474 2011

Student Loan Law
Deanne Loonin; contributing author, Geoff Walsh
KF4235 .L66 2010

Bar Review Materials for Graduating 3Ls

A new Bar Study Resource Guide is now available for Graduating 3Ls

Find out:

  • What Bar Review Materials are available at the TJSL Library,
  • Where to find them – on reserve behind the 4th Floor Circulation Desk
  • How to ask the student library assistants at the 4th Floor Circulation Desk to retrieve these materials for you

Also in this guide are direct  links to:

  • The CA Bar Association Web Page with information on the Bar Exam
  • Blogs and News about the Bar Exam and about Bar Exam Study
  • Links to CALI Tutorials on Bar Exam Topics

Remember to email your reference librarian, Catherine Deane, if you need access to CALI Tutorials. If she is not available, circulation librarian Torin Andrews or interim library director, Patrick Meyer  may be able to assist you.

Congratulations on completing your law school education, and Good Luck on the Bar!

Law Students: How to de-stress during/after Final Exams

Photo Courtesy Shawn Rossi

Hello TJSL Law Students,

As you wrap up your final Exams, here are some tips on how to de-stress in San Diego.

  1. Use that FIT membership and get some exercise, or at the very least, sit in the sauna or hot tub for a little while.
  2. Stay hydrated, especially with all the caffeine that many of you are no doubt consuming.
  3. Don’t talk to anyone about how stressed out they are or you will start internalizing it.
  4. Eat something! Preferably something healthy, your body will thank you for eating stress reducing foods.
  5. Play with your pet, or your friend’s pet, heck go to the zoo and pet a non-human animalof some kind:
    1. “The popular Petting Paddock in the Children’s Zoo allows kids (and kids at heart) a chance to feel the wooly coat of a sheep or comb a gentle goat’s hair.” ( )
    2. Video of the Zoo from Youtube – although I recommend that you do NOT try to pet a Meerkat.
  6. And a personal tip, when I was studying for exams, I would keep a stack of comic books under my bed, and when I was ready to take a break, I’d read an ancient comic book about a duck that wore clothes and could talk and had three nephews. No doubt you have much better comics than I had.

Articles on coping with Law School Stress (Don’t read them all just pick one or two that appeal to you).

U.S. News: The Osama Post

Given the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, here are some resources to learn more about what this all means and doesn’t mean.

Commentary on the death of Osama Bin Laden (Dudziak)


Major Reliable News Sources