Soundproofing/Noise Reduction & Audio-visual technology

Circulation/reserve librarian, Torin Andrews, attended “InfoComm 2014” in Las Vegas this past June.

Here is Torin’s summary of his experience at “InfoComm 2014”:

“InfoComm 2014, the annual conference and exhibition for professional audiovisual buyers and sellers worldwide, held June 14-20 in Las Vegas was visited by 37,048 professionals attending from more than 114 countries.” ( 39374.htmInfoComm International, June 20, 2014).

As a Law Librarian I was exploring the tradeshow and exposition for affordable soundproofing/noise reduction solutions that could possibly be installed in our library study rooms.  As an instructor I focused my attention on evolving classroom/teaching audio-visual technology and on digital signage technology and best presentation practices.

In my search for noise reduction solutions, I contacted many acoustical engineering vendors: Industrial Acoustics Co.; G & S Acoustics; Acoustical Solutions, Inc.; Radius Display Products; and Kinetics Noise Control. These vendors displayed relatively low-cost, easy-to-install acoustical noise reduction panels that might offer a good solution to the sound leakage issues our patrons are experiencing when using our library study rooms and copier/printer rooms. In addition to offering small representative panel samples, these vendors were very helpful in supplying significant informational brochures, whitepapers, and lots of helpful practical advice.

In the area of classroom/teaching technology, my exploration allowed me to compare the value and features of many digital projectors offered by Casio, Elmo, Epson, Proxima, and Sony. Casio, Epson, and Proxima were demonstrating their lines of short throw projectors designed to offer large images in small classrooms or to prevent shadows when a presenter accidentally comes between a conventional projector and the screen. Elmo and WolfVision demonstrated their latest models of digital desktop visualizers optimized for videoconferencing and telepresence. Chief, Crimson, Da-Lite, and Premier Mounts showcased their offerings of projector and display screen mounting systems designed to optimize the projection of digital images in a wide variety of different spaces, from small classrooms to huge auditoriums.

In the Digital Signage Pavilion, exhibitors showcased display hardware for a wide array of different size venues. For very large facilities there were offerings utilizing LED blocks that showcased seamless transitions between blocks. For smaller settings there were exhibits utilizing conventional HD TV screens to innovate touch and draw screens that allow the device to interact with the user. I was impressed by the wide selection of software programs offered to allow for unique and innovative display options designed to optimize the viewer/user experience. Among the prominent exhibitors were: ROE Visual, LED panels and components;, LifeSize, videoconferencing solutions; Revolabs, wireless audio equipment; SpinetiX. digital signage media players and software; Haivision, enterprise grade digital signage systems; and Gefen LLC, digital signage hardware and software.

InfoComm offers  education professionals a great opportunity to see new products and educate themselves on new technology to gain insight on how to integrate these technologies in their traditional and virtual classrooms.


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